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The game is created by Szilvia Vágó in 2005 as a study at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary.

Exhibited at:

Young designers from Hungary, FISE group exhibition
    O3ONE gallery, Beograd, Serbia, 01.06—12.06.2010
Young designers from Hungary, FISE group exhibition
    Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
Eye to Eye, Palace of Arts Budapest, Hungary, 02.10—26.10.2009.
MOME maraton Millenáris Park Budapest, Hungary, 19.06—21.06.2009.
Fresh Fishes II. New members' exhibition at Studio of Young
   Designers Association, FISE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Craft & Design - Trends and Tendencies of Hungarian Applied Arts
   Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Design Match 2008 Moving exhibition
   Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungary

   13.03—12.04.2008. Triad Fair Palace, National Gallery,
   Prague, Czech Republic

   14.05—13.06.2008. Národné osvetové centrum,
   House of Art, Bratislava, Slovakia

   13.08—12.09.2008. Kasárne KulturPark,
   Cultural Centre of Kosice, Slovakia

   02.10—02.11.2008. VAM design, Budapest, Hungary

Exhibition of Hungarian Design Awards Sopron Festõterem,

Exhibition of Hungarian Design Awards Museum of Applied Arts,
   Budapest, Hungary, 08.10—28.10.2007.

European Way(s) of Life 2006 design expo, Le Lieu Unique,
   Nantes, France, 17.06—15.09.2006.